Based on Eiichiro Oda's Manga/Anime "One Piece"

Welcome to the Roblox Square Piece Wiki!

(MrStrawberryBoy) - The game is definitely likely to go back to being closed for updates shortly afterward. Keep that in mind.

(Shounen Manga) - The game will not have any more Big Updates until The Developers and Mystifine get more time to work on Square Piece, This is because a lot of the Developers have school, so now they can only work on Square Piece for only about 1 hour a day, So this Wiki will not be updated as much until Developers get more time to release more updates (Spring Break or Winter Break). However they will release a HUGE brand new update once they are done with it. Not only that the new update will basically be them remaking almost the entire game, they will be more focused on other games since Square Piece will take too long so you should probably not play it for a bit

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This was their Announcment Please Respect their Decision
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This is an Unofficial Wikipedia for information regarding the game "Square Piece" hosted on the ROBLOX Platform.

The information in this Wikipedia is obtained from pure observation and calculations. It MAY or MAY NOT be 100% Accurate. If you want 100% Accurate information then view the Square Piece Trello however, the Trello has limited information that doesn't exactly cover EVERYTHING. Therefore, this Wikipedia was made to cover way more information than the Trello and hopefully answer more questions to the players.

Author Notes - As of now, this is being worked on by one guy who just started this game who can't do anything without a Wiki, and some other guy I don't know, so it's pretty trash right now. Also, expect a few pages I make to have a rant section, since I like complaining.

List of Pages that we have

IMPORTANT NOTE - Any, and most likely ALL of the attacks in the game (Swords, Devil Fruits, Guns, and Fighting Styles) are subject to have different damage multiplier calculations than what is recorded on the pages. This is due to Square Piece's messy damage system, so once again, the damage calculations being displayed on these pages are SUBJECT TO BE DIFFERENT depending on your stat in-game.

There will be more pages added later.

Not all of these are 100% complete.

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