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Devil fruits, are items that were created based on Devil fruits from the anime "One Piece" Written and Illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. These "Devil Fruits" grant players a new move set that allows them to have very powerful attacks and abilities to let them travel island to island faster. There are currently 11 Devil Fruits in the game as of right now.

You cannot eat a Devil Fruit if you have eaten one already, you have to pay B$5 million at the Business Man located in Logue Town.

Adding onto what was said above ^, it is highly recommended to figure out what fruit it is you found before eating it, so you can determine whether or not you want to eat it, because if you, lets say, eat an Invisibility Fruit, and later on, you find the Ope Fruit, you will have to grind 5 million to remove your current devil fruit and able to eat it, which is a very good experience.

Writer note - Something that needs to be mentioned is that, the damage multiplier calculations are actually subject to be decreased/increased DEPENDING on your CURRENT Fruit stat. I'm not exactly sure why? But the damage multipliers are extremely weird and messy in Square Piece. So the damage multiplier calculations that you see from ANY FRUIT in this list are NOT 100% accurate.

How to obtain devil fruits

Devil Fruits are obtained 3 different ways.

  • Devil Fruits spawn in servers every 2 hours and have a 2 hour despawn time. They can be found under any tree in the game.
  • Devil Fruits can be bought at the Merchant in Logue Town for 25 million B$.
  • Finally, Devil Fruits can be found in chests at a 0.5% chance. Chests can be found in public servers only and spawn every 15 seconds, with a 8 minute despawn rate.

Devil Fruit Types


Logia is a Devil Fruit type that transforms the user's body in the form of a particular Natural Element. This also means that they can alter and manipulate that specific element. Logia's come with a passive ability that prevents them from getting hit by an attack that is not boosted by the Armament Haki. The exceptions to these are using Devil Fruit based attacks.

Fruits that have Logia

Cannot Affect Logia

Can affect Logia


Paramecia fruits are a type of Devil Fruit that allows the user to either, 1) Alter their Body Composition, 2) Alter the environment around them or, 3) Generate the substance that their Fruit's power's are based on. Paramecia Fruits can either do one of these, or multiple of these. Unlike Logia, they do not always have a passive Immunity to non-Armament Haki based attacks. Depending on the Fruit's substance itself, they can be immune to some attacks, but not all.

Fruits that have Paramecia Properties

  • Chop - Alters body parts to be used for attacking/dodging.
  • Barrier - Generates Barriers
  • Ope - Generates a "room" where the user has complete control over inanimate objects in this "room"
  • Invisibility - Alters whole body to be invisible/completely transparent for a limited amount of time.


Zoan is a Devil Fruit Type that specializes mainly in close combat. Unlike Logia, where your body is transformed into a natural element, Zoan transforms your body into another animal species or inter-species hybrid. In One-Piece, there are sub-classes of Zoan that are very powerful and rare. They are called "Ancient Zoan", "Mythical Zoan" and "Artificial Zoan".

Fruits that have Zoan Properties

  • Giraffe - Transforms user into a Giraffe
  • Phoenix - Transforms user into a Phoenix
    • One thing to note about Phoenix is that, it is a Mythical Zoan, and it also has properties of Logia, so this is a slight hybrid of both a Zoan and a Logia.

(Side note: If anyone can, please add gifs or images of Paramecia or Zoan fruit property demonstrations in this section)


The list of fruits below are ordered from the worst fruits to the best fruits, determined by their overall effectiveness in PvP and Farming. Go to the bottom for Individual Tier Lists


  • No skills, but can turn invisible for a short period of time
  • No damage


  • Able to use AOE/Short Distance Projectiles
  • Can transform to to extra damage
  • Low damage


  • Able to make two different types of shields to block damage
  • Only two attacks (The rest are more defensive moves)
  • Low damage


  • Able to use Short Range Projectiles with AOE to do damage
  • Can roll around to move around
  • Medium damage
  • Sword attacks do not affect this fruit even with haki. (This includes npcs.)


  • Able to use Projectiles with high AOE to do damage
  • Every attack has an EXTREMELY large area of effect
  • Has a flight skill which drains stamina
  • Inflict burn DOT on hit opponents
  • Medium damage, high with burn.


  • Able to use slow AOE/Projectiles to do damage
  • Has a flight skill which drains stamina
  • High damage


  • Able to use Projectiles with AOE to do damage
  • Has a flight skill which has a high stamina drain
  • Fast attacks
  • Medium damage


  • Can use Projectiles with good AOE to do damage and freeze players in place
  • Freezes players and restricting their movement
  • Can glide on your ice to move faster
  • Can passively freeze the water you walk on to not fall in the water
  • Medium damage


  • Uses Projectiles with large AOE to do damage
  • Can use short distance teleportation
  • Fast attacks
  • Medium damage


  • Uses practically undodgable projectiles with large hitboxes to do damage
  • Creates a "Giant Sphere" in which you use all of your attacks
  • Can teleport around your room
  • Can switch places with other players in your room
  • Low-High damage


  • Passive healing
  • High AOE
  • Flight
  • Medium Damage

Individual Tier Lists

  • Grinding Tier List
  1. Light, Lightning
  2. Phoenix, Ice, Magma and Chop
  3. Flame
  4. Barrier, Giraffe, Ope
  5. Invisibility(ITS USELESS)
  • PVP Tier List
  1. Ope
  2. Lighting, Phoenix
  3. Ice, Light, Magma, Flame
  4. Barrier, Invisiblity, Chop
  5. Giraffe

Extra information

  • Devil Fruits can train your Armament Haki.
  • Devil Fruits CAN be dropped and given to other players.
  • Fruits are some of the best options for Farming and PvP
  • Devil Fruits stay in your inventory upon death.
  • Getting hit by an NPC that cannot damage Logia does not give you EXP for your Defence Stat.
  • There will soon be two more Devil fruits, The Gum Gum Fruit and the Tremor Tremor Fruit